Corgi joins owner on metal tube slide in China
China #Pets
Talented pet dogs follow commands for treats in China
Hebei, China #Pets
Five puppies cuddle on wheelbarrow pulled around farm
Guangxi, China #Pets
Loyal pet dog refuses to leave bride at Chinese wedding
Sichuan, China #Pets
Napping police dog has hilarious reaction to officer's wake up call
Xinjiang, China #Pets
Two Shih Tzus look like Chinese lion dance while playing
Cavite, Philippines #Pets
Two pet huskies peer over garden wall
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Locals use motorboat to save dog stranded in canal
Bangkok, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Delivery dog! Mother takes fried chicken meal to her puppies
Lopburi, Thailand #Pets
Crafty pet dog unlocks cage to brazenly go for stroll
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Jealous American bully stops owners from hugging on convenience store floor
Sa Kaeo, Thailand #Pets
Pet dogs help owner find wild cobra slithering through home
Udon Thani, Thailand #Pets
Girl plays hot dog game with her two pet dogs
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
Puppy and pet cat play together like the best of friends
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
Clingy puppy suckles on mother pig's nipples
Siem Reap, Cambodia #Pets
American Bully falls asleep while having a relaxing soapy shower
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
Monday blues! Dog sits in deep floodwater... and even his owner teases him
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Dive, ref! Play acting pet Shiba Inu dog feigns injury like a football player
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Pushy cockerel competes for food with a puppy
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Pet dog waits patiently in the sea for owner to arrive on ferry
Iloilo, Philippines #Pets