Plucky pet husky makes escape from family's front yard
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Chihuahuas ride remote control car toy
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Pets
Family help struggling dog remove head from concrete wall
Bangkok, Thailand #Heartwarming
Pet chihuahuas cruise through streets in electric toy
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Pet dog listens to priest giving blessings at birthday party
Misamis Oriental, Philippines #Pets
Wholesome moment kids lean over wall to play with pet dog
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Pet dog practices his driving skills in electric toy car
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Dog steals shoe from woman riding motorcycle
Thailand #Pets
German Shepherd dog leaps up to see over garden gate
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Pet dog comforts woman who had argument with her boyfriend
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Hero youngster jumps into swimming pool to save pet dog
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Pet dog has makeshift muzzle for bath time
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Cute dog drags sleeping pooch to wake him up
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Two pet dogs stand in motorcycle sidecar with owner
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Pet dog wears red costume with fan headdress for Chinese New Year
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Injured pet dog trapped in pond rescued
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Border Collie dog climbs all over owner and tries to breastfeed her
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Siberian Husky accidentally pushes owner's head into bucket when he tries to help him vomit
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Driver rescues dog stranded on busy road in China
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Pet Siberian Husky steals a basket of fruit from dining table
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