Kind commuters save dog lying on train tracks
Kaohsiung, Taiwan #Heartwarming
Pet dog looks the picture of happiness cooling off in tub of water
Nueva Ecija, Philippines #Pets
RNLI rescues struggling dog off Llandudno coast
Llandudno, UK #Everyday Heroes
Clever pet dog pushes clothes rack into sun to speed up drying
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Pets
Young girl mistakes dog sleeping dead
Henan, China #Funny Virals
Owner saves Golden Retriever when he falls into sea from walkway
Batangas, Philippines #Pets
Puppies get angry with cow in field
Yasothon, Thailand #Pets
Hapless pet dog needs help getting down from roof
Chon Buri Province, Thailand #Pets
Neighbours save puppies stuck under house construction
Bangkok, Thailand #Heartwarming
Pet dog enjoys lavish birthday party in the Philippines
Philippines #Pets
Mother rescues puppy stuck in rock crevice at waterfall
Trang, Thailand #Pets
Dog rolls on the floor dancing to concert music
Roi Et Province, Thailand #Pets
Dog pushes boat across flood while grandmother paddles
Ang Thong Province, Thailand #Pets
Hungry dog takes bag of crisps from stall
Rayong, Thailand #Pets
Pet dog stares intensely at itself in the mirror
Rizal, Philippines #Pets
Residents rescue dog with head stuck in bucket
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #Heartwarming
Pet dog carries kitten on its back
Sakon Nakhon, Thailand #Pets
Pet Golden Retriever carries basket in its mouth across road
Cebu, Philippines #Pets
Doting mum spoon-feeds her pampered pet American Bully
Cebu, Philippines #Pets
Visitor sees pet dog that looks like it has four eyes
Hunan, China #Pets