Locals release boat lanterns in canal for Loy Krathong celebration in Thailand
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House collapses into canal amid flash floods in Cambodia
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Speedboat pilot somersaults through the air during race crash in Thailand
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Invisible heron shows amazing camouflage skills on busy cycle path in Austria
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Pirate's life! Rescue dog rides boat every day at work with new adopted owner
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Kind passer-by rescues kitten trapped in canal in the Philippines
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Pet dog rides on the front of boat on canal in Thailand
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Hero resident climbs down steep bank to rescue dog stranded in reservoir
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Kind cyclist rescues stray dog stuck in dirty canal in Colombia
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Oarsman drowns in river after crashing into concrete during boat race in Thailand
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Hero paraglider rescues driver who crashed into canal in Florida
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Surprised French vlogger captures pet dog riding motorboat while exploring Bangkok canals
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Mystery ‘river monster’ turns out to be floating plastic trash caught on stick in Thai canal
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Newborn girl inside sack dumped in canal rescued in the Philippines
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Heartwarming moment family save injured stray dog from drowning in dirty river in Thailand
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Thailand increases fines for canal littering amid worsening floods
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Swollen river breaks through sandbag levee flooding nearby homes in Thailand
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Brave volunteer swims through dirty canal to rescue pet cat struck by car
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Two stray kittens rescued from canal after storm in Thailand
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Brave rescuers risk lives to save pet dog paddling across flooded canal in Thailand
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