Bizarre lights appear in night sky over China
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Helicopter appears to fly without rotors moving in bizarre optical illusion
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Bizarre moment driver goes round in circles at intersection in Thailand
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Experts warn against bizarre 'earthworm spa' that can cause infections
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Car engulfed in flames when woman sticks lit incense on it for bizarre Chinese good luck ritual
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Bizarre 'Toy Story' Buddhist statue unveiled in Thailand
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Masseuse lights towel draped over customer on FIRE and beats drum in bizarre spa session
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Backpackers have bizarre musical party on Thai island beach
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Customer slurps noodles from bizarre restaurant’s palm-sized bowl
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Divers swim with huge earthquake-heralding oarfish with bizarre holes in its body
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Tourists simulate sniffing animal butts at bizarre wildlife exhibit in Kobe, Japan
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Chicken that makes bizarre laughing sound prove a hit with locals in Thailand
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Zookeepers dress as monkeys in bizarre training exercise for escaped animals
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Helicopter takes off 'without rotor blades moving' in bizarre optical illusion
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Mechanic chops friend's hair with machete in cheap but bizarre DIY salon
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Locals parade stuffed toy cat inside cage for bizarre rain-making ritual in Thailand
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Locals to be hit with bizarre 'departure tax' when leaving Thailand
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