Hundreds of villagers pretend to be corpses during bizarre dance ritual in Bali
Bali, Indonesia #General News
Bizarre optical illusion turns pet dog into flaming Poodle in China
Jiangsu, China #Pets
Locals wear matching green masks after attending business conference in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Train appears to glide along road surface at bizarre level cross in Thailand
Samut Songkhram, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Cyclist shows off bizarre modified bike with motorcycle wheel attached
Kandal, Cambodia #Cars & Vehicles
Teashop uses quirky straw glasses on different bubble tea flavours
Songkhla Province, Thailand #Funny Virals
Bizarre translucent UFO sparks fear as it hovers above homes in the Philippines
Pangasinan, Philippines #Cars & Vehicles
Teachers throw balls at 'active shooter' in bizarre training session following nursery attacks in Thailand
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Ghost motorcycle rolls in front of car on Thai highway
Samut Prakan, Thailand #General News
Bizarre 'flying doll' lights fireworks at funeral in northern Thailand
Lamphun, Thailand #Food & Travel
Bizarre 'ghost wheel' rolls down road in Thailand
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Bizarre creepy-crawly skitters across man's arm
Kaohsiung, Taiwan #Wildlife
Thai locals race to eat cucumbers tied to their feet in bizarre sports event
Chaiyaphum, Thailand #Funny Virals
Thai women bizarrely dance with live cobras inside their mouths
Khon Kaen, Thailand #Wildlife
Thai patient receives traditional sore throat cure where herbs are rammed down her throat
Bangkok, Thailand #Funny Virals
Distressed daughter fears jail time after toxic parents sued her for not giving cash support under bizarre Thai law
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Weird hotel room has giant cobra statue towering over bed
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Villagers take part in bizarre skirt race in Thailand
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Creepy mass of worms form bizarre form outside hotel in southern Thailand
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Bizarre moment customers break into dance while crowd flees restaurant during Philippines quake
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