Clever calico cat opens bedroom door to let his friends in to sleep
Jiangsu Province, China #Pets
Snake wranglers catch huge python in bedroom
Surat Thani, Thailand #Wildlife
Firefighters remove 10ft python from family's bedroom
Bohol, Philippines #Wildlife
Cow causes chaos rummaging through family's bedroom
Sakon Nakhon, Thailand #Pets
Woman plays peek-a-boo with ginger cat in bedroom
Guangdong Province, China #Pets
Wild leopard rampages though family's home in India
Bihar, India #Wildlife
Vietnamese cosmetic surgeon arrested for 'running beauty clinic from his bedroom'
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Pet cat and dog sweetly licks each other's faces in DIY grooming session
Nakhon Pathom, Thailand #Pets
Fan breaks and bursts apart near sleeping woman
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Pet Bulldog carries favourite red chair everywhere he goes
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Albino lion paws at bedroom door of its home in Thailand
Thailand #Wildlife
Retired American chef found dead and hog-tied in his bedroom in the Philippines
Cebu, Philippines #General News
Fortune teller shocked to see monitor lizard on CCTV wandering around bedroom
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Woman's quick reaction saves mirror when cat knocks it over
Henan, China #Pets
Fancy rats playfight behind bedroom fan
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Wardrobe topples over narrowly missing toddler in Thailand
Chiang Rai, Thailand #General News
Bed collapses while father plays with baby in China
Sichuan, China #Cute Kids
Daughter saves elderly father from monitor lizard attack as he sleeps
Samut Sakhon, Thailand #Wildlife
Six tree snakes caught inside air-con unit in Malaysia
Kedah, Malaysia #Wildlife
Teen installs beautiful light-up fluffy clouds on her bedroom ceiling
Tak, Thailand #Awesomeness