Amusing moment monkey holds onto wobbling jetski
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Sea turns green amid algal bloom on Thai beach
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Beached sea turtle carried back into ocean by rescuers in Florida
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Stranded surfer spelled out 'HELP' with rocks before being rescued by chopper
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US Army veteran, 49, swept away by riptide found dead in Phuket
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American father missing after being washed away by rip tide on Thai beach
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Troops make parachute jump at Utah Beach to mark D-Day anniversary
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Sand artist build sculpture congratulating Indian PM on election win
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Waterspout tornado seen on Santa Rosa Beach in Florida
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American tourist 'caught stealing woman's phone' on beach in Thailand
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Thousands of mystery sea worms wriggle on shore
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Walker stranded on Marshals Beach rescued by helicopter in San Francisco
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Three guys riding jet ski capsize in failed turn
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Sand artist makes anti-smoking sculpture for World No-Tobacco Day
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Show-off vlogger sparks outrage driving Tesla car along beach in Thailand
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Huge wave wipes out couple posing for pictures in Australia
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Indian artist makes giant sand sculpture urging people to vote in general elections
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Schoolboy, 16, finds lump of valuable ambergris whale vomit at the beach
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Police rescue stranded fawn in Ormond Beach, Florida
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Tourists' BMW nearly swept away during drunken beach photo stunt
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