Avalanche crashes down mountain northern India
Uttar Pradesh, India #Natural World
Rescue teams save driver buried under avalanche in Chile
Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile #Climate & Weather
Wall of fog rolls over Chinese city like an avalanche
Shandong, China #Climate & Weather
Roads cleared following avalanche aftermath in Kashmir
Kashmir, India #Climate & Weather
Avalanches smash into villages in Kashmir, India
Sonamarg #Climate & Weather
Ambulance carrying pregnant woman struck by avalanche
Maharashtra, India #General News
Scared tourists run for their lives to escape massive snowball coming their way
Tibet, China #Climate & Weather
Hard-packed snow almost buries man as it collapses from roof and brings down railings
Anhui, China #Climate & Weather
Hikers rescued from avalanche on mountain in La Rioja, Spain
La Rioja, Spain #Climate & Weather
Man watching family shovel snow gets buried under massive avalanche from roof
Henan, China #General News
Avalanche closes roads in Cottonwood Canyons, Utah
UT, USA #Climate & Weather
Avalanche kills Russian skiier and traps several more in India
Gulmarg #General News
Helicopters rescue trapped skiiers in avalanche in India
India #General News
Horse slides down snowy mountain looking baffled in mini-avalanche
Himachal Pradesh, India #Pets
Frantic India avalanche rescue teams search for survivors
Gulmarg Colony, Jammu #General News
India avalanche rescue teams save trapped skiiers as one dies
Gulmarg Colony, Jammu #General News
Family nearly buried under snow as weak roof suddenly collapses on top of them
Hubei, China #Climate & Weather
Falling snow narrowly misses mother sitting outside with her baby in her arms
Hubei, China #Climate & Weather
Child narrowly escapes being buried under mass of melting snow falling from roof
Hunan, China #Climate & Weather
Man's swift reaction saves him from being buried under melting snow
Hunan, China #Climate & Weather