Artist creates incredible thread portrait of Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo
Pangasinan, the Philippines #Awesomeness
Talented youngster draws 100 portraits of K-pop idols at the same time
Davao Oriental, the Philippines #General News
Talented artist draws 15 ink portraits of NBA players all at once
ayugan 3 Rosario Agusan del sur #
Artist overcomes rare degenerative disease to produce impressive pencil crayon portraits
Bangkok, Thailand #
Talented artist draws 11 sketches at same time using both hands, feet and MOUTH
Lupon, Davao Oriental #
Artist makes portrait from rolls of leftover toothpaste collected from hotels
Ras Laffan, Qatar #
Artist transforms old books by using them as a canvas for oil pastels
Quezon City #
Artist draws portraits every day for a whole year in Qatar
Qatar #
Thai tattoo artists lives with SEVEN wives who take it in turns to sleep with him
Bangkok, Thailand #
Young Filipino artists use giant leaf as portrait canvas
Gandara Samar, the Philippines. #
Artist uses dead cockroaches as painting canvases
National Capital Region, the Philippines #
Talented artists use three pens to draw three portraits at the same time
Agusan del Sur, the Philippines #
Filipino artist sketches SEVEN portraits simultaneously... showing each member of K-pop group BTS
Agusan Del Sur, the Philippines #
Artist recreates Gaza Strip buildings obliterated in Israel conflict
Gaza Strip #
Filipino artist sketches five portraits simultaneously
Agusan Del Sur #
Filipino artist creates go-kart from used beer crates
Mandaluyong City #
Artists work on giant street art mural of a MERMAID in Thailand
Songhkhla, Thailand #
Artist makes Squid Game inspired nail art
Minsk, Belarus #
Filipino artist born with disability amazes locals with 'footcrafted' art
San Pedro, Laguna #
British artist unveils statue on the seafloor off the coast of Cannes, France
Cannes, France #