Smart chimpanzee returns tourist's phone in China
Shandong, China #Pets
Hilarious moment pet dog steals phone and runs away
Phnom Penh, Cambodia #Funny Virals
Filipino man falls off chair during hilarious Christmas party game
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Firemen tackle blaze at go-kart track in Newry, Northern Ireland
Newry, UK #General News
Artist marks World Population Day with leaf carvings in India
Bihar, India #Awesomeness
Mountain portion collapses downhill during landslide in India
Uttarakhand, India #General News
Workers dodge boulders tumbling down mountain in India
Uttarakhand, India #General News
Artist makes leaf art tribute to late Indian poet
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First dolphin baby born naturally in artificial breeding environment in China
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Light fixtures sway in office during earthquake in the Philippines
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Woman shows off her cake but it falls apart
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Woman shows off party trick of catching elephant dung dropping from animal's bottom
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Mother bear and cub hold up golf cart to steal food from bags
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London, UK #
Evil genius mouse like 'The Brain' cracks code on electronic door lock
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Heartless 'carjacker dumps baby in passenger seat on roadside'
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Hurricane Beryl lashes Martinique with 150 mph winds
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Sand artists makes sculpture celebrating India T20 cricket win
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Video captures gold nanoparticles targeting cancer cells
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