Dark dust devil tornado touches down close to airport in Japan
Hokkaido, Japan #Climate & Weather
Typhoon Mawar floods terminal at Guam International Airport
Tamuning, Guam #Climate & Weather
Landing gear snaps from plane during emergency landing at Luxembourg Airport
Luxembourg #General News
Bees attack plane injuring six people when it lands in Thailand
Khon Kaen, Thailand #General News
Ex-NBA superstar Yao Ming towers over security as he arrives in Philippines airport
Metro Manila, Philippines #Sport
Mystery power outage leaves thousands of passengers stranded in one of 'world's worst airport' in the Philippines
Metro Manila, Philippines #General News
French teenager caught with 8kg cocaine inside packed chocolate balls at airport in Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil #General News
Police catch alleged thief stealing valuables from tourists in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Fire alarm goes off at airport in Malaysia
Sarawak, Malaysia #General News
Airport workers remove tape strapped on plane's wing as worried passengers board
Metro Manila, Philippines #Cars & Vehicles
Airport staff give water salute to mark Nok Air's last flight with a Bombardier Dash 8
Phrae, Thailand #General News
Aerial footage shows thick blanket of smog hovering over northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Climate & Weather
Air pollution haze clouds airport in Laos
Luang Prabang, Laos #General News
Catering truck crashes into plane at airport in Mexico
Jalisco, Mexico #General News
Actor Geoffrey Giuliano recalls 'traumatic assault' in airport McDonald's
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Baggage handlers caught on camera carelessly hurling suitcases into plane's hold
Negros Oriental, Philippines #General News
Hot-headed driver turns herself in after slapping airport car park attendant
Samut Prakan, Thailand #General News
Two killed when $32M cash heist is foiled at airport in Chile
Santiago, Chile #General News
Australian tourist, 56, arrested after 'stealing car at Thai airport'
Phuket, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Tourists shocked by water leak covering walkway at Bangkok airport
Bangkok, Thailand #General News