Airport security guard suspended for 'swallowing 300 USD wad of cash stolen from Chinese passenger' in the Philippines
Manila, Philippines #General News
Emotional moment mother is reunited with daughter after 12 years apart
Phuket, Thailand #Heartwarming
Couple has amazing airport-themed welcome hall for their wedding
Cavite, Philippines #Awesomeness
American tourist attacks security guards blocking him from entering airport terminal in the Philippines
Metro Manila, Philippines #General News
Airport travelator chews up passenger's shoe at Bangkok airport
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Air China plane fills with smoke forcing an emergency evacuation in Singapore
Singapore #General News
Three Kenyan women with cocaine concealed in their vaginas caught at Phuket airport
Phuket, Thailand #General News
Australian tourist, 82, found dead at airport hours into first day of Thai holiday (file footage)
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Stowaway jumps airport fence and hides in plane's landing gear
CDMX, Mexico #General News
South American tourist caught 'smuggling cocaine in condoms inside his body' at airport in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Passengers stranded on trains at London Stansted Airport amid power outage
Stansted, UK #General News
Planes battered by heavy rain and floods at airport in Frankfurt, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany #Climate & Weather
Malaysia plane crash aftermath as 10 people are killed on road near airport
Selangor, Malaysia #General News
Dozens of flights cancelled as storm floods runway at Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt, Germany #Climate & Weather
Tourist attacks police with a SKATEBOARD at notorious airport in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Tow truck crashes into passenger plane at Seattle airport
WA, USA #General News
Wild monkey sparks chaos running loose in Malaysia airport
Selangor, Malaysia #Wildlife
CCTV captures tourist stealing smartphone from counter at Bangkok airport
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Planes pass through thick black smoke clouding flight path above burning homes
Manila, Philippines #General News
Fire rips through plane's engine at airport in Delhi, India
#General News