Passenger arrested for opening PLANE DOOR as it takes off in Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #General News
Airbus Beluga seen at Liverpool John Lennon Airport
England, UK #General News
Two British tourists arrested at airport for 'stealing Chinese man's wallet'
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Aussie tourists spark outrage wearing leopard-print Speedos and thongs to Thai airport
Phuket, Thailand #General News
Bees swarm on plane wing causing delay at airport in Brazil
Brazil #Wildlife
Airport worker caught on camera hurling suitcases onto ground
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Suitcase blows across airport apron during Storm Isha in Edinburgh
Edinburgh, UK #Climate & Weather
Agile monkeys shimmy across airport building in China
Guizhou, China #Wildlife
Passenger who missed his flight climbs into airplane's turbines at Utah airport
UT, USA #General News
Airport plane cleaners take pictures on passenger's lost camera
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Airport ground staff wish departing passengers Happy New Year
Bangkok, Thailand #General News
Airport ground workers wave goodbye to leaving plane
Chumphon, Thailand #Cars & Vehicles
Passengers flee Japan plane crash fire
Tokyo, Japan #General News
Passenger flee plane on fire at airport in Japan
Tokyo, Japan #General News
Plane engulfed in flames at airport in Japan
Tokyo, Japan #General News
Parked Boeing 737 spins on runway as storm batters Argentina airport
Buenos Aires, Argentina #General News
Flight from China to London suffers mechanical failure and makes emergency landing
Shanghai, China #General News
Woman caught trying to smuggle six live snakes inside her trousers
Guangdong, China #General News
Tourist caught smuggling prairie dog and two otters through airport in his PANTS
Bangkok, Thailand #Wildlife
Toddler goes for a baggage belt ride at airport in Chile
Santiago, Chile #General News