Activists stage topless protest against bullfighting in Majorca, Spain
Majorca, Spain #Conflict & Protests
Climate activists spray red paint at energy company after announcement of record profits in France
Paris, France #Conflict & Protests
Palestinians join festival marking 55th anniversary of Popular Front in Gaza
Gaza #Conflict & Protests
Cops carry climate activists blocking traffic to protest in Austria
Vienna, Austria #Conflict & Protests
Student activists call for 'unity against military' during protest in Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) #Conflict & Protests
Burmese revolutionary forces vow to fight military dictatorship during protest
Sagaing, Myanmar (Burma) #General News
Human rights group protests in Kathmandu against Myanmar’s execution of four activists
Kathmandu, Nepal #General News
Protest against execution of four activists in front of Burmese embassy in London
London, UK #General News
Youth activists protest military dictatorship on eve of Burmese Martyr's Day in Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar #Conflict & Protests
Student activists protest against military-supervised education system in Myanmar
Kachin State, Myanmar #Conflict & Protests
Burmese activists protest on 60th anniversary of historic student uprising
Myanmar #
Student activists hold guerilla protest against military rule in Yangon, Myanmar
Yangon, Myanmar #General News
Abortion activists rally outside Supreme Court in Washington, DC
Washington, DC #Conflict & Protests
Pro-life supporter clashes with abortion activists outside Supreme Court in Washington DC
Washington, DC #Conflict & Protests
Pro-abortion activists rally outside Supreme Court in Washington, DC
Washington, DC #Conflict & Protests
Rain or shine! Activists campaign through FLOOD for Philippines dictator's son
Leyte, Philippines #Climate & Weather
Myanmar military activists detonate bomb killing two protesters on military coup anniversary
Tachileik, Myanmar #
Transgender rights activists protest against Netflix over comedy show
California #
Activists commemorate 45th anniversary of Thammasat University massacre in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #
Animal rights activists gather outside KFC to mark new vegan dish
Bangkok, Thailand #