Two Shih Tzus look like Chinese lion dance while playing
Cavite, Philippines #Pets
Shih Tzu dogs dress up as ghosts and witches for Halloween
Surin, Thailand #Pets
Eight pet dogs and two cats pose in red Chinese costumes
Surin, Thailand #Pets
Puppy and pet cat play together like the best of friends
Metro Manila, Philippines #Pets
Three pet dogs pose for adorable family picture together
Pathum Thani, Thailand #Pets
Chicken hilariously pushes away food tray from pet dog while she eats
Bulacan, Philippines #Pets
Pet Shih Tzu dogs and cats wear Santa Claus suits
Surin, Thailand #Pets
Clever pet Shih Tzu snatches burger from the table
Manila, Philippines #Pets
Pet dog alarm clock! Pooches roll and tumble over owners to wake them up
Rizal, Philippines #Pets
Clever puppy rides vintage sewing machine treadles as DIY swing
Quirino, Philippines #Pets
Adorable pet Pug stares at dog treat cake while owner sings him happy birthday
Suphan Buri, Thailand #Pets
Adventurous pet dog sits on motorcycle like human rider
Pangasinan, Philippines #Cars & Vehicles
Amusing pet owner startles jumpy Shih Tzu dog
Batangas, Philippines #Pets
Pet Shih Tzu takes panda pacifier from sleeping baby and refuses to return it
Central Luzon, Philippines #Pets
Adorable pet Shih Tzu smiles widely as owner greets him
Batangas, Philippines #Pets
Frantic house owner chases monitor lizard with broom while Shih Tzu dogs stand guard
Chon Buri, Thailand #Wildlife
Naughty pet Shih Tzu dog escapes with his owner’s slippers and hides under table
Batangas, Philippines #Pets
Adorable Shih Tzu plays dead when owner tries to put on diaper
Pasig, Philippines #Pets
Jumpy pet Shih Tzu barks at T-Rex dinosaur toy
Caloocan, Philippines #Pets
Funny pet dog ends up trapped inside pillow while playing
Prachuap Khiri Khan, Thailand #Pets