Noodle shop owner saves choking customer at Thai restaurant
Udon Thani, Thailand #General News
Pharmacist performs Heimlich to save choking child
Satun, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Quick-thinking mum saves daughter choking on piece of candy
Henan Province, China #General News
Hero neighbour saves little girl choking on candy
Bangkok, Thailand #Everyday Heroes
Choking man saved by doctor sitting on next table using the Heimlich manoeuvre
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Quick-thinking mother saves baby with Heimlich manoeuvre
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Firefighter saves infant chocking on coin in Brazil
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Restaurant staff save choking guest's life with heimlich manoeuvre
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Beautician saves young customer's life after she choked on boiled egg
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Teacher praised for performing Heimlich Manoeuvre on pupil choking on pen cap
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Little girl choking on plastic toy saved by family members
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Quick-thinking cook saves customer choking on noodles in China
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Heroic shop owner saves customer's life after he chokes on chilli in China
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Bus driver in China performs Heimlich manoeuvre on choking passenger
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