Huge wave wipes out couple posing for pictures in Australia
Sydney, Australia #Funny Virals
Teen staring at mobile screen walks straight into bus
Ankara, Turkey #Cars & Vehicles
Children's rocket launch turns into amusing fail
Hebei Province, China #Cute Kids
Bling! Grandmother gets gold bracelet stuck between her teeth
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Captured Americans plead for their lives after being caught in failed coup attempt in Congo
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Youngsters have amusing playground seesaw fail
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Rider loses control of his motorcycle when it surges forward
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Girl slips in mud while trying to pose for video
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Chubby cat struggles to climb into hammock in China
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Hyper-flexible dance student accidentally kicks herself in nose
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Boy falls on the ground while swinging hammock
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Couple put gender reveal at the bottom of cake
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Woman chips white ball onto friend's head while trying to break
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Niece's DIY haircut fails when aunt cuts it too short
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Motorcycle sidecar topples over with three tourists inside
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Woman has hilarious fail trying to climb onto hammock
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Two injured when level crossing barrier fails and train crashes into pickup truck
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