Locals revive 'Bench Dragon' in celebration of the Chinese New Year
Zhejiang Province, China #Awesomeness
Father buys red helicopter to fly family home for Chinese New Year
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Chinese dragon dupes crowd during show
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Locals flock to shops and temples for Chinese New Year in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
Thai zoo holds dragon parade for Chinese New Year
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Food & Travel
Locals offer food and incense at shrines ahead of Chinese New Year in northern Thailand
Chiang Mai, Thailand #Food & Travel
Pet dog wears Chinese New Year outfit with black hat
Bangkok, Thailand #Pets
Nail technician crafts Chinese New Year-themed extensions
Bangkok, Thailand #Awesomeness
Men accidentally damage cars with firecrackers in China
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Colourful red lantern festival marks Chinese New Year in central Thailand
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Diner tucks into 'lucky' duck-shaped ice cream for Chinese New Year
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
Restaurant serves duck-shaped ice cream for Chinese New Year
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
French bulldogs wear colourful Chinese New Year dragon costumes at mall event
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Pet French bulldog stays still as owner fixes his Chinese New Year costume
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How to make a DIY Chinese New Year lantern with a balloon and bottle
Pet cat unhappy with his Chinese New Year accessory
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Superstitious locals pay for online blessing ceremonies for Chinese New Year
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Pet dog wears red costume with fan headdress for Chinese New Year
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Pets
Pet dog wears cute Chinese New Year costume
Nonthaburi, Thailand #Pets
Chinese New Year outfits fill market stalls in Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand #General News