Lion dance performer breaks collarbone after missing jump in front of audience in Thailand
Phetchabun, Thailand #General News
Car gets stuck on level crossing only missing roaring train by seconds in China
Shandong, China #Cars & Vehicles
Car plummets from flyover injuring driver in China
Shanghai, China #Cars & Vehicles
Car ploughs through traffic barriers 'after brakes fail' in China
Zhejiang, China #Cars & Vehicles
Drunk man plunges down water-filled inspection pit at auto shop in China
Hebei, China #Funny Virals
Brave puppy chases hungry wolf away from sheep in China
Inner Mongolia, China #Pets
Cemetery lively with residents playing and having picnics around old tombs in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
Resident rescued when she plunges in pond while washing clothes in China
Zhejiang, China #Everyday Heroes
Locals lay flowers at former home of Jiang Zemin in China
Jiangsu, China #General News
Cab driver sealed in his taxi while awaiting Covid-19 test results in southern China
Guangdong, China #General News
Chinese dissidents in Japan protest against brutal regime in homeland
Tokyo, Japan #Conflict & Protests
Chinese nationals protest at Japan train station in show of support for rallies at home
Tokyo, Japan #Conflict & Protests
Mysterious lights in the sky sparks alien fears among residents in China
Jiangsu, China #General News
Residents stranded as authorities block roads leading into lockdown zone in southern China
Hunan, China #Conflict & Protests
Phalanx of riot police march through streets to arrest protesters in China
Guangdong, China #Conflict & Protests
Police search train passengers' PHONES for foreign apps amids protests in China
Shanghai, China #Conflict & Protests
Protesters chant for release of detained demonstrators in China
Zhejiang, China #Conflict & Protests
Angry protesters overturn Covid testing kiosks demanding freedom from lockdowns in China
Guangdong, China #Conflict & Protests
Cops arrive with fire truck to disperse protesters in southern China
Guangdong, China #Conflict & Protests
Car blasts Les Miserables revolutionary song as protests erupt across China
Zhejiang, China #Conflict & Protests