Friendly pet dog asks monk for meat skewers
Chonburi, Thailand #Pets
Festival-goers wallow and dance in mud in front of live band
Mukdahan, Thailand #General News
Hundreds of Buddhist devotees play dead at ceremony for good luck
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Buddhist monk ploughs into eight vehicles in carpark 'after fainting at the wheel' in Thailand
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Buddhist monks hold onto tent to keep it from being blown away by storm
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Devotees outraged after finding porn discs hidden in Buddhist monk's bedroom
Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand #General News
Rocket fail! Buddhist locals launch homemade contraption only for it to explode
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Homemade spinning helix rocket explodes in shower of sparks and smoke at Buddhist festival
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Chubby monkey joins Buddhist monks for lunch
Saraburi, Thailand #Wildlife
Police seize cannabis from 'cat cannibal' Buddhist monk's room in Thailand
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Buddhist novices undergo rodeo-like ordination to become full-fledged monks
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Eerie storm batters Buddhist temple in northern Thailand
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Tourists join amusing sea boxing attraction at Buddhist Songkran Festival
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Join the action with this water gun POV video at the Songkran Buddhist festival
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Crowds fill Khaosan Road for Songkran Buddhist water fight festival
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
Songkran Buddhist festival water fight celebrations start in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand #Food & Travel
Karma! Excavator plunges into ditch as it knocks down 'sacred' Buddhist tree
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Buddhist monk throws money from crane to celebrate his birthday
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Kind Buddhist monks rescue pregnant cow stuck in thick mud
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Locals hold spectacular rocket festival to honour deceased Buddhist monks in Thailand
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