Motorcycle passenger crashes into pickup truck but pulls off epic front flip save

Published date: Wed, 11 Jan 2023 08:12:36 +0700

A motorcycle passenger used his lightning-fast reflexes when he crashed - to calmly do a FRONT-FLIP into the back of a pickup truck.
Teerasak Mungmueang was riding as a pillion passenger with his friend when they were both distracted by a pal in the next lane who began talking to them. They failed to notice the black pickup truck which had slowed down in front of them at a junction in Phayao, northern Thailand. Dashcam footage shows how the pair crashed into the bumper at around 30mph - enough to cause a serious accident. However, Teerasak was saved by his speedy reflexes be pulling off an epic save, rolling with the crash by grabbing the truck's trailer and performing a front flip. He then picked up his smartphone and waved it in the air, delighted that it wasn't damaged. Teerasak climbed out and scampered over to his friend, who was picking himself up from the scrape. He said: 'We were both looking to our left and talking with a friend, who was also riding a motorcycle next to us. 'We didn't notice the pickup truck in front of us had stopped until it was too late. We crashed straight into the back of it.' Neither lad was seriously injured in the collision and carried on with their journey after dusting themselves down and picking up the motorcycle. The driver, Phakamath Manichai, is seen in the video emerging from her vehicle to check the damage before going to assist the youths. She said there were minor scratches on the back of the car and bumper but she was relieved neither of the students were hurt.
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Phayao, Thailand
Duration: 01:43
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