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Granting ViralPress permission to use your video means we can publish on our own channels, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and also distribute it to our media partners around the world for them to use on their websites, TV shows and social media platforms. For full details the clearance terms.

Content is distributed to selected newspapers, broadcasters, websites and TV shows around the world. These include the MailOnline in London, the New York Post in the U.S., Bild in Germany and News Corp in Australia. Plus, some content will also be used with our syndication partners at the Associated Press, Reuters and Newsflare.

Yes, absolutely. Granting ViralPress non-exclusive permission means that you still own the video copyright. After giving permission, you can do anything with the video. The original permission granted to ViralPress, and by extension its media partners, will always be honoured.

Wahoo! Yes, you can. If your video is really good, we can offer cash payment for the exclusive rights to the video or a revenue share option for you to receive a percentage of all sales to the media. Upload your video and we’ll let you know if we can work with it.

Every video is different. Some footage can earn thousands of dollars. Others might not make double figures. However, if one of our team have contacted you, we believe your video is interesting so there’s a good chance it will make money. There’s only one way to find out!

ViralPress will be the exclusive manager, or agent, for your video. We will promote and monetise it the best we can. This means that you are not able to, nor allow anyone else, license, sell, or monetise your video.

If you have granted ViralPress the exclusive rights to the video, we may pursue the person or business for their infringement. This may involve issuing take-down notices, registering complaints with the hosting platform, and/or pursuing the infringer for a license fee.