Viral Press payment and licensing agreement

Viral Press finds newsworthy content and gets permission from owners to use it in various media, including broadcast media and online.

We would like to distribute your content on your behalf. This agreement gives Viral Press and its partners permission to broadcast or republish your content. This means they can use your content in whole or in part in TV packages, in online players and/or on other media channels, including social media.

The agreement is on an exclusive basis. This means that no other media agencies can use the footage. We will deal with international publishers directly to ensure your Content is used in as many places as possible, you are properly credited and paid.

By agreeing to this you confirm that…

  • You are the copyright holder of the video or images
  • Viral Press will hold all licensing and distribution rights to your content for use in all media forms including online, print and broadcast. You will retain the copyright ownership of your footage
  • Viral Press will pay you on a 50 / 50 revenue share agreement within 28 days of the content being published by our partners
  • The agreement is exclusive with Viral Press and you will not allow your content to be used by other agencies. Speaking with other organisations could result in your contract becoming invalid
  • You confirm that your account of events is true and agree to provide information regarding the event should it be requested
  • In order to prevent unauthorised used of your content without the necessary permission being granted you agree where possible to display the Viral Press licensing disclaimer on your content