Former art teacher who lost job now makes Predator motorcycle helmets

A movie fanatic makes custom-designed motorcycle helmets based on the Predator monster.

Suriyan Tantemsin, 40, started the unique business after losing his job as an art teacher when the school was flooded in Ratchaburi, Thailand, in 2011.

He began making motorcycle gruesome helmets for friends which quickly became popular online.  

Demands came in from around the world through Suriyan’s Facebook fan page for for bespoke pieces. 

The wacky helmets have long black dreadlocks and fangs like the iconic science fiction movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Suriyan now makes dozens of the helmets every month to send to the U.S., Europe and Australia. He also uses his workshop to restore cartoon figurines.

He said: ”My work is generally with bike helmets, making custom Predator bike helmets. We work with the design of the Predator character from the movie. 

”I take their traits to customise and modify them with some creative ideas and transform them to the new designs with different styles.

”Back in 2011 before the severe flooding, I was an art teacher but with the flooding, my job ended, so I started making helmets.

”I made my friends some strange, fun helmets at that time, which they posted online and they accidentally went viral and the orders started pouring in.”

Despite the popularity of Suriyan’s helmets, he said he doesn’t sell many in his homeland because ”the traffic rules are something else”.

He added: ”Most of the customers are collectors. For the helmets, we already have a big market out there and it’s stable.”

Predator is a 1987 science fiction action movie in which an elite paramilitary team have to battle the alien to save hostages. The movie has three sequels as well as the Alien franchise.