Buddhist temple with dragon coiled around the sides

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Stunning aerial footage shows a 16-storey Buddhist temple with a huge DRAGON coiled around the sides.

Wat Samphran was built in 1985 on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, for locals to give offerings to monks and pay homage to deities. 

With its distinctive pink coating, the cylindrical tower with the mythical beast spiralling around the edge has become an off-the-beaten-track tourist attraction.  

Footage shows how the fierce dragon stretches into the sky with its horns and fiery mouth dominating the horizon.

At the bottom, the dragon’s foot has become a popular spot for the temple visitors to make wishes. 

They even have to walk inside the dragon’s concrete body and make the1,000ft uphill trek to the top of the building.

Monks designed the building to be exactly 80metres height to represent the Buddha’s age when he passed away according to the myth. 

The number floors – 16 not including the roof – is also equal to the number of heavens in Buddhist belief.

While the spiralling dragon was believed to be built to represent omnisciences and secure mind of enlightened Buddhist leaders.

Tourists who have visited Wat Sampran described it on TripAdvisor as ”the most unique temple ever built”.

One wrote: ”You could spend all day here, lots to see besides walking all the way up the dragon tower.”

While one holidaymaker wrote: ”Of all the temples we visited in Thailand, this was by far my favorite. It’s bizarre, stunning, strange, whimsical, and a little unkempt, but something about it is mystical and alluring and brought me real peace.”