X-rated museum tells the story of Thailand’s infamous ping pong show red light district

A new x-rated museum tells the story of Thailand’s infamous ping pong show red light district.

The adult venue is in the heart of the iconic Patong market, which sprang up in the 1970s as am R&R ‘rest and recuperation’ area for American troops fighting in the Vietnam war.

Since then, the Patpong sex district has featured in Hollywood movies, including The Deer Hunter, which starred Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken.

While celebrities including Mohammed Ali, Don King, Hugh Grant and Steven Tyler have all visited. David Bowie even shot a music video in one of the nightlife zone’s raucous gogo bars.

The explicit adult museum opened which last month paying tribute to the well-known area includes a colourful collection of artifacts detailing the red light district’s growth.

There is even an interactive ‘ping pong’ show where a virtual reality stripper shoots balls from her vagina. 

While in the museum’s neon-lit red bar, a hologram logo girl removes her clothes on a screen above the bar. 

Museum owner Michael E Messner said: ‘’The Patong museum tells the story of 100 years of history of Southeast Asia, connecting the dots from Chinese immigration into the modernisation of Thailand, the Vietnam war, CIA, popular culture and what Patpong is today and what it’s famous for in a fun and interactive way.

”I had the idea to open a Patpong museum after learning so much of the history that has happened here on the street and the famous people that came here. I think it’s an amazing story and people should know and it should be preserved.

”I think one of the most colourful stories is in 1983, David Bowie on his moonlight tour coming to Bangkok, waving his fee, playing at a very low rate for the people of Thailand and taking a car, driving into Patpong road, stopping here walking into a gogo bar and shooting a music video in the Superstar Club which is still here today, also here in the museum. 

‘’I see that the development of Patpong over the last 20 years has been more diverse, has been a mix of people from all parts of the world. It’s not that one nationality is the main visitor stream. I also see that we have restaurants, we have bars, we have clubs, it’s more diverse, I think there’s more art and culture coming into the scene and the museum is part of that.

‘’There is a saying among the people of Patpong, the people that have lived here for the last 40 years, ‘Patpong never dies’.’’