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Wacky custom built motorbikes entertain crowds in Bangkok

Motorbike riders show off their wacky custom bikes at an event in Bangkok, Thailand. Prizes were handed out for the best creation – with some riders even struggling to get their oversized highly-polished bikes up the ramp onto the stage.

All of the custom bikes are road worthy and can be ridden, with some designed for their aesthetics while others – including a motorbike sidecar with a wheelchair holder – have a practical function.

The Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2020, or BMF 2020, runs in the capital from January 15 to January 19 at the CentralWorld building.

Hundreds of thousands of motorcycle fanatics visit each year to see the contraptions. While leading manufacturers including Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMW  Edison Motors and Ducati all have stalls and exhibits showing off their latest creations.