Sparks fly as awesome homemade robots do battle

Sparks fly as homemade robots battle each other to the death in an arena. 

The event – inspired by Britain’s iconic ‘Robot Wars’ show – took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 21.

Engineering students from around the country competed against each other with machines they designed and built themselves. 

Footage shows the remote controlled robots battling each other in a cage – with sparks flying and pieces of debris being torn from the creations. 

Large metal hammers in the corners of the arena were one of the hazards, with some robots able to pick up their opponents and drop them in the area to be smashed. 

The winning team took home 30,000 baht (775GBP) in prize money followed by 10,000 (260GBP) baht and 5,000 (130GBP) baht for the runners up.