Fascinating Street Where Buddhist Statues Are Made

A fascinating street in Bangkok where thousands of Buddha statutes of made before being delivered to temples.

The Bamrung Mueang Road – or Buddha Street as it is nicknamed – has been churning out the religious idols since the early 1800s.

Today it is home to dozens of small factories and shops that continue to mass-produce the religious symbols before they are delivered to temples around the country.

Footage shows how the sculptures are made in small workshops then wrapped in plastic while they wait for their new life being worshipped by devotees.

Huge brass models also line the pavements as they stand outside shops before being bought by customers or delivered.

Workers in shops also intricately decorate the icons with paint, gems and jewels.

”It’s quite surreal seeing all of the Buddha ornaments lined up like that,” said the tourist who recorded the video.

”They’re highly revered once they’re in a shrine or in a temple but before that, they look like any other shop product.”

The Bamrung Muang Road was the country’s second ever paved road and is found in the China Town area of the capital. The area has been producing Buddhist regalia for around two centuries.

Thailand is notoriously sensitive about using the image of Buddha as decorations or ornaments. Tourists even face arrest if they try to take a model Buddha out of the country through customs. Buddha tattoos are also banned.