Street Sweeper Works With Pet Puppy On Her Back

This street cleaner has come up with a creative way of taking pet dog to work – by carrying him on her back.

The one-year-old pooch named Mazda calmly sits in the backpack while his owner does an eight-hour shift cleaning the streets in Bangkok, Thailand.

Titirat Khiawarram, 29, has been taking the pooch to work with every day from 5am to noon, since last year when her boyfriend brought her the puppy as a pet.

The adorable Poodle-Shih Tzu mixed has become a familiar sight to locals in the Huai Khwang district of city.

Titirat and her beloved pooch were filmed on Monday (02/09) hard at work.

The street cleaner said: ”I asked my boyfriend to buy me a dog to keep me company. He agreed but under the condition that I would have to a very good care of him.

”Mazda is a curious boy. He likes to explore everywhere so he cannot be left alone at home. Nobody is there to feed him as well so I decided to take him with me. He has been coming with me ever since he was one-month old.”

Thitirat does not mind carrying the 20lbs pooch on her back as he has already becomes a part of her life and always brightens up her days at work.

She added: ”Having him every day with me is not a problem at all. Besides, I’d miss him if I had to leave him with my boyfriend.

”When I’m tired and stressed, I just take a break and spend some time playing with him. He helps me relax a lot and I’m very happy to have him.”