Thousands of runners take part in bikini beach race in Thailand

Thousands of runners take part in one of the world’s biggest bikini beach races.

Fitness fanatics and beachgoers descended on the coastal city of Pattaya, eastern Thailand, for the mass fun run on June 8 afternoon.

Many women wore bikinis while some men wore speedos or swimming trunks to jog along the beach in sweltering 38C temperatures.

Several cash prizes were on offer for the winners in different categories. The events included a 3km run and another 9km.

The day was organised by local businesses and government officials to promote tourism in the city, best known for its vibrant nightlife.

Before the bikini beach race 2019, there was an attempt to break the world record for the most people doing lunges in one place but it failed.

The current record is 2,713 people performing the exercise simultaneously which was set in Taipei, Taiwan, which was set in 2018.

Despite a Guinness World Records from Australia giving instructions and explaining the rules, the attempt to break the record failed.

Adjudicators who were monitoring the crowd ruled that 200 people were disqualified and only 1,886 people managed to do the lunges correctly for the required time of one minute. One knee has to touch the ground, the bent leg has to be fully straightened before the next lunge and competitors have to alternate between the legs.

Speaking after, a frustrated Guinness World Records official who had been overseeing the event, blamed too many people taking selfies.

He said: ”The attempt today was for the most people performing lunges, trying to set a new Guinness World Records title.

”The current record is 2,713 in Taipei. The rules of the record are really strict, it’s not an easy record. Over 200 competitors were disqualified. Some people were more interested in selfies that doing lunges.

”My stewards did tell me that some people were taking selfies instead of doing lunges.

”A lot of people were successful. Today a grand total of 1,886 people were successful at the lunges. It’s not a new record but it’s still a fantastic effort.”