Filipino Tribe Sacrifices Animals To ‘Mother Earth’

Filipino mountain tribes sacrifice live animals and bottles of wine in bizarre offerings to the earth.

The indigenous Lumad people of Bukidnon province in the southern Philippines were filmed performing the ritual.

Known as Panalabugta, local hill tribes believe that the offerings will cleanse the land that has experienced conflict and death between warring factions in the past.

Each year, village elders and women folk dressed in traditional red and white ethnic dresses gather at the scene.

Pigs and chickens are slaughtered then barbecued before being dished out alongside bottles of Chinese ‘Fighter Wine’ for ‘Mother Earth’ to enjoy.

They hope that it will appease the spirits in the area and help to bring good harvests and protect them from harm.

Documentary maker Nikon Celis, who has spent several months living among the tribes, said they are ‘‘fiercely protective’’ of their way of life.

He said: ‘‘Panalabugta is a ritual sacrifice performed by the Lumad, an indigenous people of Bukidnon.

‘‘They believe the ritual will cleanse the land that has experienced conflict, in particular those involving death.

It is  to appease the guardian spirits for good harvest, protection from pestilence, wealth and to protect the tribe’s farmers from harm.’’