Climate Strike Protesters In Bangkok Call For Change

Protesters take part in a climate change demonstration in Bangkok this afternoon calling on the Thai government to cut pollution.

Hundreds of locals and tourists converged in the centre of the capital waving placards criticising the plastic waste, meat eaters and global warming.

A two-hour long march concluded with a speech by Greenpeace activist Lynn Ocharoenchai who demanded action from politicians and corporations to cut pollution and CO2 emissions in Thailand, which is one of the world’s worst polluters.

She warned that Thailand is ‘’already so hot’’ and that even a 1.5C rise in temperatures would cause chaos.

Speaking at the Climate Strike Bangkok event, she said: ‘’It’s very hot in Thailand, let me tell you that, very hot. But what I tell people is that it can get hotter, it can get much worse if we don’t stop now. We need to change now and we still can, we still have hope, we still have a solution and everyone can do it.”