Artist paints pictures entirely with mud and water

An artist paints these stunning pictures entirely with mud. The young woman was showing off her impressive skills at a tribal festival in Mindanao, the Philippines, on April 10.

She mixes together different types of earth from the mountains in the province of Bukidnon. The varied textures, some with different hardnesses of clay and minerals, allow a unique type of paint to be formed when they are mixed with water.

The finished works include incredibly detailed scenes of people, animals and religious figures.

Documentary maker Nikon Celis, who recorded the mud painting class, said: ”The woman had learned hwo to create beautiful paintings without any of the usual materials. She had developed the unique skills using only the natural substances available to her.

”It is very hard to find oil paints or acryclics in the mountains because it is so remote. But they still found a way to express themselves through art.”

The woman was holding a workshop at the Kaamulan festival where she was teaching other women from the area the skill.

‘’The Kaamulan event is the gathering of seven hill tribes from the Bukidnon Province. They are the Talaandig, Umayamnon, Higaonon, Manobo, Tigwahanon, Matigsalug, and Daraguyan or Bukidnon tribe,” Nikon added.