Elephants Spray Tourists With Water For Songkran Thai New Year

Every year these elephants as they soak crowds with their trunks during a mass water fight to bring in Thailand’s Songkran new year.

The massive jumbos decorated with body paint were brought out to spray water on visitors to the ancient capital, Ayutthaya, 50 miles north of Bangkok.

Tourists and locals use water guns and buckets to splash the elephants, which appear to be enjoying the chance to cool off in the 38C heat.

The elephants, which are used in Royal processions and are among the most well-bred in the world, douse the crowds with water sprayed from their massive trunks.

With the scorching sun reflecting from their glimmering ivory tusks, they often come within inches of spectators.

But with each elephant having been expertly trained for many years, they stay calm during the festival. Some even balance on their back legs and waves their feet.

The incredible scenes herald the start of Thailand’s songkran new year celebrations. The three day festival from April 13 to April 15 every year sees millions of tourists flock to major cities and resorts to take part in ”the world’s biggest water fight.

Khaosan Road, a massively popular backpacker destination, usually sees a free-for-all as holidaymakers with water guns drench each other amidst beer and blaring music.

While on Silom Road, also in Bangkok, sees huge crowds of Thais and holidaymakers join in.

For those who like something a little more risque, nightlife venues Soi 4 – home of the Nana Plaza – and Soi Cowboy see plenty of dirty dancing.

Watch the videos below from all three destinations in our Songkran Thai new year playlist below…