Beautiful ‘sakura’ cherry blossom blooms draw tourists to Japan

This collection of videos shows the breathtaking scenes in Japan this year – where beautiful cherry blossom bloomed around the capital Tokyo.

The pink and white blossom – known locally as Sakura – appears every year in Spring, attracting tourists from around the world.

Japanese locals often travel to popular locations in Tokyo to take in the stunning natural phenomenon. While some even brave the cool temperatures and lay out blankets to enjoy picnics under the softly-scented sakura.

But as can be seen from the video below, the picturesque backdrop of the cherry blossom provides the perfect chance to capture photos and selfies. Even if they have to direct their boyfriend on how to take the best picture!

With almost every Japanese cherry tree in blossom, the bustling city dominated by high-rise buildings and workers in suits becomes like a scene from the movies.

Many people often stop to take pictures of the cherry blossom. As can be seen from this collection of videos from the sakura season in 2019, the sights can literally bring traffic to a standstill.

Japan’s association with spring blossom has become representative of the country and it’s often used to promote tourism. Last year alone there were one million holidaymakers from Thailand and the numbers are rapidly rising.

While according to Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the estimated number of international travellers to Japan in January 2019 was about 2.7 million – up 7.5% from the previous year – and recording the highest ever figure for January.