Teenager becomes first ever woman to score 147 in snooker

A teenage girl has become the first ever female to score a 147 maximum break in snooker.

Nutcharut Wongharuthai, 19, achieved the feat – rare even for world champions like Ronnie O’Sullivan – during a match in Bangkok, Thailand, on March 11.

Cameras at the snooker club showed how she kept ice-cool while potting the combinations of red and black balls to give the highest score possible, before celebrating by excitedly jumping up and down.

Snooker officials said the maximum break of 147 had never been achieved before by a female player in practice or competitive matches – and praised the petite teenager for her ”magical” achievement.

Pint-sized Nutcharut, who is still studying at college, is now the first ever woman to achieve the sought after goal of all snooker players around the world.

She said: ”I stayed calm all the way through and was just taking it one shot at a time. I was so pleased when I potted the black and adored 147.

”I celebrated then carried on playing. It felt excellent and I’m still feeling really good about it. I hope there will be many more in my career.”

Nutcharut, whose nickname is Mink, started playing snooker when she was just ten years old.

She has even met her hero, Ronnie ‘The Rocket’ O’Sullivan, when he visited the Hi-End Snooker & Pool Club, in the backstreets of Bangkok where she trains.

The young star reached two ranking finals in her breakthrough season in 2018, rising to eighth in the women’s world rankings.

Nutcharut added: ”I met Ronnie O’Sullivan before when he came to Thailand. He’s my hero. I want to be number one in women’s snooker.

”I remember every shot of the 147 break. I’ve watched back the video again and again. Everybody at the snooker club has been very supportive and celebrated the achievement.”

World women’s snooker said that while it was difficult to completely verify the ”magical break”, it did appear that Nutcharut’s score was the first maximum by a woman.

They said in a statement: ”It is believed that the break is the first ever 147 break to have been compiled by a woman in a match, either practice or in tournament play, potentially making this a historic achievement by the 19-year-old star.”