Bangkok’s 24-hour flower market prepares for Valentine’s Day

This video shows traders preparing flowers for Valentine’s Day at Bangkok’s biggest flower market, which has been open round the clock for 200 years.

Hundreds of thousands of bunches of brightly coloured chrysanthemums, roses and marigolds were being shipped to stalls across the country – as couples prepare to buy them for their loved ones.

The bustling market it the Old Town area of the capital dates back more than 200 years and has never closed – with stalls operating round the clock.

It is the main wholesale supplier of flowers and beautiful arrangements to the city’s five-star hotels, temples and retailers.

Flowers are delivered from farms in neighbouring provinces before they are packaged and shipped around Bangkok and the rest of the country.

Locals can also visit the market to buy bunches of flowers for their loved ones, for weddings and to leave at temples.

”The air at the market is so fresh, it’s full with the scents of the flowers,” said market trader Noi Kasenboom.

”Here’s it’s busy every day, but the time around Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest because everybody wants to buy flowers for their partners.”