World’s craziest car park! Drivers have to PUSH their vehicles out

This could be the world’s craziest car park – where vehicles are crammed in bumper-to-bumper and drivers have to PUSH their way out.

Hundreds of motorists pile into the free facility in the Chatuchak area of Bangkok, Thailand, every day to avoid paying charges in the surrounded car parks. Fees in those cost around 20 baht (50 pence) per hour.

But the popularity of the government owned space has resulted in chaotic scenes – with commuters even fitting home-made FOAM padding to their bumpers to avoid scrapes.

The astonishing situation has lead to the strange custom of drivers leaving the handbrakes off. When people return to their vehicles, they then have to push the other cars that are blocking them.

Footage taken yesterday (Wed) evening shows how cars are stacked in with just a hair’s breadth between each vehicle – and in some cases they are touching.

In the afternoon when locals were returning to their cars for the drive home, women and even a pensioner were seen having to roll other vehicles out of the way.

Driver Jane Sathuchat said: ”I arrive early in the morning at about 8am to find a space. Then I leave at 4pm to go home. If I paid it would be a longer walk and it would be 120 baht a day and 2,400 baht a month.

”I don’t mind the car park. It’s better than paying a lot of money every month. Sometimes it hot and hard to push the other cars but its OK for me.”

Shop worker Sawas Suttiwong added: ”I put a piece of foam on the front and back of my car after I have parked. I’ve not had any damage.”