Filipino tribe races down hill on hand-carved wooden scooters

This Filipino tribe shows off their incredible carving skills with an annual downhill race on scooters – made from wood.

The Ifugao group of people from remote woodland in the northern Philippines build their own wooden scooters from trees and scraps of rubber for the tires.

They even add intricate carvings of animals, mythological creatures and human faces which they believe imbue their creations with extra force.

Once the bikes are ready, members of the tribe wearing their traditional ‘bahag’ ethnic robes, hurtle down the mountain roads in a special race, which is part of the annual Imbayah Festival held in Banaue, Ifugao, the Philippines in April once every three years.

The festival is a thanksgiving celebration for a abundant harvest.

Participants can reach speeds of up to 50mph on the 4.3 mile long course, which ends in a small village at the foot of the hillside.

Three-time champion Robert Duyugan said that riders risk ”crashing and injuring” unless their scooter is strong and well-made.

Spectator Dennis Gorecho, who captured the video, said: ”The Imbayah festival would not be complete without the wooden scooter race. Dressed in indigenous costumes, the Ifugao scooter daredevils hurtle down down the course at a speed of 50 kmph. Modern Ifugao scooters incorporate bicycle parts for better control. But the frame and most of the scooter are still made from butbuta, white wood, or mananor, red wood.”