Boy Nicknamed ‘Popeye’ After Mystery Condition Gave Him Huge Arm

This adorable youngster has been dubbed ‘Popeye’ after a mystery illness left him with huge swollen biceps.

Daniel Salvame, 11, noticed swelling on his left upper-arm when he was just four-years-old – and classmates started teasing him.

Within a couple of years he had developed an enormous arm resembling that of a fully-grown bodybuilder.

Daniel’s classmates at his school in Rizal, the Philippines, bullied him over the abnormal appearance but he hit back – telling them that he was like cartoon hero Popeye.

The little lad now dreams of being a bodybuilder and martial arts pro so he can prove the bullies wrong.

Speaking yesterday (01/08) he said: ”My name’s Daniel but people call me Popeye of course. I have big muscles.

”My friends have teased me because I look strange but it does not worry me. I have arms like Popeye!

”I will be a body builder and learn martial arts when I’m older. Then I can go back to them and say ‘loo at me now’. They will be sorry!”

Daniel’s grandmother Alicia, 65, is currently caring for Daniel after his mother, Alice, moved to Hong Kong for work.

The family took Daniel to the doctors when he was five-years-old and medics said he had an enlarged heart and enlarged blood vessels.

Alicia said that doctors believed the growth around his biceps was muscle.

But Alicia took Daniel to a different hospital for a second opinion and he had lab tests.

However, the high cost means that the family have been unable to continue the treatment and Daniel has been left without a diagnosis.

Alicia said: ” I started to worry when Daniel was four-years-old. It was growing unusually for his age. He also has a heart condition since birth.

”As a grandmother, I became worried for his health. I seeked the help of many doctors.

”I even went to the Philippines Heart Center. They found out that his blood vessels were larger than normal.

”The growth on his arms were just muscles according to them. But it seems unclear, so we went to PGH (Philippine General Hospital) for a second opinion.”

Alicia said that they hope to return to the hospital later this year once they have saved up enough money for medical fees, which will come to around two or three thousand pounds.

She added: ”He is a happy child. He has a lot of friends. He is playful too, but he gets easily tired.

”When his cousins are here, he likes to sing and dance.

”Our house, even if it is small, it has a lot of vegetables like sigarilyas and nuts, bataw, patani, kundol, patola.”

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