Teenagers Endurance Test For Ordination As Buddhist Monk

Teenagers Endurance Test For Ordination As Buddhist Monk

A young Buddhist teenager goes through a bizarre initiation ceremony to become a monk – thrown in the air on a bamboo stretcher to prove his strength.

The teenager had to shave his head and eyebrows before donning traditional costume and climbing on top of the long wooden structure.

Villagers then spun him round and shook him violently to test his endurance skills and motivation to join the monk hood.

The unique tradition has been held annually every May since 1971 in a village in Chaiyaphum province, northeast Thailand.

Chief abbots oversee the ritual – known as the Brutal Ordination – to weed out the youngsters who are not serious about becoming a monk.

Anyone who falls off the stretcher – which is carried for three kilometers by locals – is deemed to ”lack dedication” and is banned from becoming a monk.

Footage taken at the Wat Ta Kaek Ban Non Salao on May 2 during the Buddhist Lent holiday shows a teenager successfully completing the task.

Chief monk Phra Changchai said: ”Many young people say they don’t have time to become a monk. They are busy working or playing on their phones.

”We continue to perform the tradition to guarantee that only the most dedicated men are becoming monks.”

Thai men are expected to ordain at least once in their lives after they have reached adulthood. Many will join their local temple for a few days before returning to civilian life.

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