Meet the hero girl who tackled gun-wielding robbers

This is the hero schoolgirl who tackled gun-wielding robbers – after catching them mugging her father.

Eight-year-old Brielle Minia suffered a broken nose after she bravely lunged at the gunman after his gang stole a bag from her father containing around 20,000 Piso (280GBP) in takings from the family’s shop. They also allegedly stole 500,000 Piso (7,000GBP) from inside the house.

The group kicked Brielle, rammed her with a motorcycle, then threw her to the ground before making their get-away in Cavite, Philippines, on September 27 at 5pm.

Brielle was taken to hospital while cops investigated the armed robbery. But after being released, she calmly returned to her room to catch up on schoolwork.

Speaking on camera for the first time, Brielle said: ”I just wanted to help get back the money, they can’t just take it away.”

Brielle said she knew that the men were robbers and had even seen the ringleader carrying a gun before she threw herself at them to try and thwart their getaway.

She said: ”When I returned home from school, I saw the four robbers. I saw that they were causing trouble over there. I knew that they were thieves.

”The other one was pretending to sell DVDs, but I saw him hit my father in the head to take the bag.

”I took the bag from the man but he went back for it and kicked me.”

CCTV footage of the incident shows the three masked men approach her dad BJ Alba, 27. He had just returned home from work in a white 4×4 before being held up at gunpoint and having cash and a phone stolen while one of the gang raided the family home.

The group ran back down the driveway in the opposite direction – with the only person between them and their getaway motorcycles being the little girl, who was walking back to see what the noise was.

Wearing a pink dress and pigtails, Brielle bravely lunged at the same man who had been holding the silver semi-automatic handgun. She ripped open his bag, sending the contents he had stolen onto the floor. The youngster frantically tried to scoop it up as the robber towered over her then made a break for freedom.

They escaped with most of the cash and police are now investigating the robbery.

Speaking in the video, Brielle’s mother, Jacqueline, 27, admitted she has been more shaken up by the incident than her daughter.

She said: ”At first, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the CCTV footage. It hurts that we were not there to do something.

”But when a lot of people said to us how brave my daughter is, I watched the video. She did not think twice to take the bag from the man, she was not afraid.

”After that, she even tried to chase the man up to the end of the street. The men kicked her and hit her with the motorcycle. She hit her head in the pavement because of the impact.

”Those men should stop robbing other people. Innocent people are getting hurt because of them.”