Meet the little boy who mistook a plastic school chair for his ruck sack

An embarrassed schoolboy who was caught on CCTV putting a plastic chair on his back like a rucksack joked ”I won’t fall asleep in class again”.

Four-year-old Dean Lewis Pagtakhan was napping after a day of lessons at the kindergarten school in Cavite, Philippines, on August 28

The lad’s teacher Aurora Medina left him for an hour, but when Dean’s mother arrived she woke him up and started packing his books away at 4:25pm.

Still bleary-eyed and in a daze, the youngster stood up from his seat and started walking away before picking up a chair to his right hand side.

He then swung the plastic chair onto his back and put his arms through the holes before walking away.

The hilarious blunder sent his teacher into hysterics before several other children ran into the classroom to see what had happened.

Speaking from the classroom where it happened, Dean said: ”I was sleeping, then I used the chair as my bag, because I was sleepy. It felt strange. I won’t do it again.”