Best Friends Plastic Surgery Nightmare

These two women have spent TEN YEARS with bloated faces – after botched plastic surgery left them permanently disfigured. Best friends Alvinia Bermoy Bernadez, 28, and Maui Cababao, 30, visited a back-street beautician who promised them fuller features. The woman told them they would be ”beautiful” and injected their cheeks and chins with petroleum jelly at the clinic. But within three months the pair were suffering with constant itching, swelling and soreness – with doctors powerless to help. The pair have had several operations but are still suffering from the effects – with potential lovers shunning them and cruel bullies branding them ”gargoyles” and ”bulldogs”. Speaking from her home in the remote region of the southern Philippines, Alvinia said they are desperate to have the procedure reversed and live normal lives after being left suicidal by the cruel taunts.